Kayal Catering

Experience the Culinary Artistry of Kayal Catering
An emphasis on flavors & freshness

Finest & freshest ingredients infused together to create something not just special, but sensually incredible. Be it an intimate dinner party, a large corporate event or a birthday bash, our chefs are well prepared to take you on a culinary journey.

Innovative catering options

We all at Kayal Catering, enjoy developing innovative and varied catering concepts. Serving the finest food with impeccable style is the central focus of every creative chef at Kayal. Based on our in-depth experience across a wide range of catering operations we continue to help, analyse and develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for every catering requirement.

Unique ambience & presentation

Create a unique ambience with kayal. At kayal we understand that Hand curated menus, aesthetic presentation and a passion for exceeding guests expectations are key attributes shared by Kayal’s finest chefs.