Kayal,South Indian Restaurant- Leicester - Nottingham

Kayal means backwaters in Kerala. The whole school of South Indian seafood cuisine takes its name from Kerala Backwaters. Kerala has a distinctive cuisine, very unusual and different from the rest of India, so Kayal. Food in 'Kayal' is all about discoveries, and aromas. Kerala cuisine offers several gastronomic opportunities to those willing to experiment with the cuisine. So, if you are in Midlands, don't miss out on the opportunity to savour the cuisine of Kerala at Kayal Nottingham, and Leicester.

In the early days of 2006 Midlands saw the successful establishment of 'Halli', The Village Vegetarian, which brought to the town an unusual cuisine that is different from the normal curry houses. After almost a year Midlands was blessed with 'Kayal at Nottingham', The Backwater Cuisine, an authentic Kerala Seafood Specialty Restaurant. Kayal Nottingham doubled its occupancy after few months due to the overwhelming response from the people who love authentic Indian food. Our existing successful restaurant in Granby Street, Leicester has been upgraded with the 'Award Winning' Kayal concept.

  • Kayal- Kerala Restaurant- voted as the 5 star Nottingham Restaurant by Metro.
  • Leicester- Voted 5 star Leicester Restaurant 2006
  • Leicester- Best Venue Award winner 2007
  • Best Restaurant Category- Kayal grabbed 'The Best Newcomer award 2007' in East Midlands.
  • Best Business Awards – Kayal won the 'Young Enterprise of the year 2008' in East Midlands, UK.
  • Kayal Concept – Won the Local Food Hero Award 2008

Kayal, the healthy concept: be it seafood, vegetable or meat, the emphasis is on 'healthy food', less use of oil, sugar, and artificial additives, and more use of natural herbs, spices flavorings, is the specialty of Kayal – WHERE TRADITION MEETS QUALITY.

Kayal work with – Leicester Comedy Festival, Leicester Diwali Festival, Nottingham Goose fair, Nottingham Ice Arena, Broadway Theatre, different football clubs, Universities and hospitals of Leicester and Nottingham.


Hairy Bikers at Kayal Kayal - Spinach Dosa

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